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  • Energy efficient LEDs - 120 Watts
  • Capacity for 2-3 Plants
  • Silent exhaust fan - average 15dB
  • Adjustable sliding light panels and fans
  • Wi-Fi controlled via phone App
  • Light-proof zipper door
  • Reinforced structure
  • Spill-proof



The Moxy Oxford was created for those growers that want some style added to their growbox. Featuring all the bells and whistles of our systems - super quiet ventilation and versatile lighting.


With the Wi-Fi kit from SuperGreenLabs, you can monitor and control your growbox straight from your iPhone or Android phone, even while away at work! 




  • Equipped with 4 SGL 18 watt LED panels.
  • Installed on rails so they can be adjusted as the plant grows. 
  • Controllable with precision these panels are super efficient, providing up to 220lm per watt in full spectrum light, making them very efficient for both vegetative and flowering cycles.


For more information on our selection of lights please click here. 


Ventilation and odours


  • Our own silent exhaust fan runs at a max 70cfm, although for this tiny space it can be kept at about 60%, ensuring it produces less than 15db, virtually inaudible in practice.
  • Coupled with the exhaust we have selected a small 4” carbon filter from Rhino, with a max capacity of 220cfm.
  • With an adjustable and small quiet fan for airflow, mounted on rails and removable.




  • The Wi-Fi controls allow you to remotely tune lighting individually for each panel and ventilation speeds.
  • Set daily light schedules, all while monitoring temperatures, humidity and other data.
  • Inside the box there’s manual individual controls for each fan. 

Moxy Oxford Growbox

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