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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How does the odour control work?            

Our exhaust fans ensure there’s a negative air pressure inside the box, meaning there’s no air escaping anywhere except from the exhausts, these are coupled with filters with a max scrubbing capacity well above the fans max air flow, leaving only clean air outside.
The carbon pellets inside the filters eliminate any odours from the flowing air, so ou don't have to worry about your living room smelling of fertilizers

How much energy does it consume?

Every one of our models will have on the description how much it will consume when everything is on max. We do thoroughly test different lighting gear to come to our choices, and especially with today's energy prices, we know just how much efficiency matters.

How long does it take for delivery?

As some of our components are shipped from overseas, and we need to purchase parts for each order, it generally takes us 2 weeks for any build after payment is processed, which usually takes 3 days. Delivery depends on location, but to most of the UK it takes 1-3 days for a total of 3 weeks

How many plants can I fit in my growbox?

This is a question we’re asked a lot and struggle to answer. Because it depends on an enormous number of factors. The specific phenotype of the plant you choose, what kind of plant training/pruning used, etc. 

Can I have the growbox in my own room?

In short, yes, but do consider temperatures and humidities. Often our sleeping rooms are warmer than the rest of the house and the air more humid, however it shouldn’t put you off gardening - monitor these carefully and make adjustments where necessary.

How do warranties work?

Our growboxes have two different warranties. One for the cabinet and another for the lighting gear. The cabinet warranty covers the lining and door structure, the fans and their mounts, and the provided power supply where applicable. The lighting gear is covered by the manufacturers warranty, currently either from Invisible Sun or from Super Green Labs

Product Specific Questions

Do you sell outside the UK?

Yes we do! Just get in touch and we will quote for transport costs, after looking for the best prices available at the time.

What’s the temperature difference between my home and the inside of the box?

We usually say that, as a norm, you can consider a rise of around 3 degrees centigrade at most, when all lights are maxed. So if your home is on average 20 Celsius, you can consider it likely the box will sit above it at 23

Will you help me with growing advice?

Although we’re all experienced growers we can’t ensure that our expertise covers your plant’s individual needs and therefore won’t be able to offer growing advice. There are though amazing forums online dedicated to probably every single plant you could possible want to grow - these are treasures available today that you really should rely on

Are there hydroponic systems I can use with the growbox?

At the moment the vast majority of hydroponic systems are too bulky to fit small cabinet units, however for the Moxy Mid and Max there are a few solutions available, however space consuming, we’d advise to have a look at the AutoPot systems and the basic DWC bubbler kits.

Will it damage the box if I have a water spill inside?

We line all edges of our boxes with waterproof silicone, this serves as a structural reinforcement, but it also serves to protect the cabinet’s wood from any water damage from minor spills. Our Moxy Max can have 2-3 Litres of liquid spilled inside with no immediate damages. 

Will you modify a cabinet I already have into a growbox?

We will absolutely look into it! Depending on sizes and the cabinets structure, we’ll study the possibility of adapting our systems to it. Not all cabinets can be Moxy Growboxes and it may require some adaptations.

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