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MoxyGarden is a one man business in Reading, UK. 

With a varied work experience, Leo has spent years designing and producing Christmas light decorations for city council projects, serving up cocktails in London's hideouts, did some carpentry and even got a hand in upholstering and sewing. Through it all though, a passion for indoor gardening would always be there, a hobby to fill the home with green.

It was when moving to a flat that didn't see much sun, that the first Growbox appeared - essentially a hospital for plants to cycle through, to get enough light to keep healthy. The first of many - it took time for it to become a viable commercial option. 

It's a tiny team, as Leo is sometimes joined by his wonderful wife Diana, but we're really dedicated to delivering the best possible growboxes. MoxyGarden started with the goal to make indoor gardening a viable alternative for those who want to be self-sufficient and sustainable with their greens. We specialise in altering furniture into grow boxes for indoor gardening enthusiasts, daily testing and improving them.

We learn from the industry's developments and individual growers' experiences and needs, while also always listening to what you have to say as a home grower. MoxyGarden is made by growers, for growers.

Our Moxy Promise

MoxyGarden exists to make indoor gardening available to everyone—even those who live in cities where gardening is a considerable privilege. Everything changes with a growbox that is practical, discreet, and doesn't break the bank.


While we understand grow tents are a viable option for many, we also know there are others who can't afford to lose an entire room to their favourite hobby - and many who aren't that much into camping to have tents in the house.


Why choose us?

Moxy is the quietest grow box in the market, operating virtually silent at 15dB. It is the best value-for-money choice, with high-quality LED lighting options, ever-improving ventilation controllers, and reliable odour control systems.


Moxy is designed to be hassle-free. We send our gardens fully assembled, with only the lights and filters left to be hung. It is an actual Plug-and-Grow setup, perfect for both beginners and experts.


MoxyGarden is a small company in an emerging industry. As we grow, we want to hit that mark of having the best grow box at affordable prices. Your support is an investment for a better, sustainable future with more quality and better value.

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