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Sad News...

Unfortunately I've recently lost access to a functioning workshop where I could safely assemble these units, so I'm having to put an indefinite hold on making any more. If you'd like to contribute to change that, do get in touch 

Homegrowing made simple

Start planning your new home grow today!

Now delivering outside U.K.

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Energy Efficient

Discreet and unassuming at home, and with your energy bills too!

Sleek Design

With a modern look and clean lines, our Indoor Herb Gardens easily blend in anywhere

Quietest System

At 15dB, our exhaust fans are the quietest in indoor growing

Plug & Grow

We send our cabinets fully assembled!

moxy max living room.gif

A Gardening Revolution

With Moxy Garden Stealth Growboxes, our mission is to make indoor gardening something anyone can get into, enabling you to become self-sufficient with your favourite greens. 


If you can't find a growbox that suits your home, get in touch! We also do bespoke projects!

Made by Growers, for Growers

A grow box provides an ideal environment for your greens and allows you to fully control their living conditions - making growing easy!

The unique zipper door makes it totally light proof, while our exhaust systems are among the quietest around. We don't skimp anywhere - we use the best Diamond Mylar available, and carefully test all components. All our boxes are made to easily blend anywhere.

moxy oxford bg 120822.gif

Featured Grow Box

Moxy London

This wardrobe growbox allows for at least 4 generously sized plants. Using our unique quiet exhaust fans and our own Zipper door, noise is kept to a bare minimum so you can sleep knowing your plants are thriving.

Got any questions?

Thank you for reaching out to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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