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  • Truly staggering, explosive root growth - the king of root boosters
  • Works synergistically with Shogun Start during the first two weeks of veg
  • Fully effective in any growing medium - coco, soil or hydroponic
  • Speeds up turnaround times for the vegetative stages
  • Promotes vibrant root health for massively increased nutrient uptake
  • Helps to control root diseases like pythium - ideal for summertime
  • Assists plants in maximising yields, for a more productive indoor garden
  • Can be used with any base nutrients
  • Highly concentrated formula - used @ only 0.2ml per litre!
  • Makes up to 1250 litres of nutrient solution!
  • Used at higher doses on cuttings and seedlings to stimulate root growth, improving success rates

Shogun Katana Roots 1L

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