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  • Discreet outer appearance to blend anywhere in your home 
  • Capacity for 1-2 Plants
  • Equipped with low noise fans
  • Light-proof zipper door
  • Spill-proof
  • Reinforced structure
  • Wi-Fi control options
  • Energy efficient LEDs 150 Watts Max (95 Watts average)


Lighting (SGL Wi-Fi Kit)


  • 150 watts max power draw
  • Equipped with a set of 6 adjustable SGL 18 watt LED panels, installed on rails. (customisable)
  • Controllable with precision.
  • Super efficient, providing up to 220lm per watt in full spectrum light, making them great for both vegetative and flowering cycles.


Lighting (Spider Farmer SF 1000)


  • 105 watts max power draw
  • Powered by Next Gen Samsung LM301B
  • Manual Dimmer controls


For more information on our selection of lights please click here. 


Ventilation and odours


  • Our own silent exhaust fan runs at a max 70cfm, while virtually inaudible under 20dB
  • Coupled with the exhaust we have selected a small 4” carbon filter from Rhino, with a max capacity of 220cfm, safely above the exhaust fan so odours are never an issue.


Inside there’s also 2 small quiet fans for airflow, mounted on rails and removable so they can be moved onto a different rail and adjusted as your plant needs it. 




  • The Wi-Fi controls allow you to remotely tune lighting individually for each panel and ventilation speeds 
  • Set daily light schedules, all while monitoring temperatures, humidity and other data. 
  • Inside the box there’s also manual individual controls for each fan. 

Moxy Woodland Single Growbox

  • Height 178cm
    Width 57cm
    Depth 50cm


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