We DO have the quietest fans for indoor growing! And we know some growers prefer to build their own growbox, so we decided to make our super quiet fans available.


***The kit doesn't include carbon filter***


Included in this kit:

  • Super quiet extraction fan - 12V
    • Max Airflow - 130 cfm
    • Max Air pressure - 3,96 h2o
    • Max noise - 31.1 dB
    • Life up to 300.000 hours
  • Manual controller unit (with detachable velcro strap)
  • 12v Power supply
  • Guide for application


In our biggest wardrobe boxes we often use two of these extractor fans - this is just to ensure they can be used at minimum speeds, keeping noise levels very close to inaudible, and allowing the filters to last much longer. It's possible though to just use one and never need to reach max speeds.


If you have any questions please get in touch!



Moxy Silent Fan - with controller and power supply