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Air Pruner Fabric Pots 2L


  • Promotes faster growth rates, for bigger and better plants
  • Air prunes roots for a dense and fibrous, radial root system
  • Eliminates root circling and improves drainage
  • Provides a much greater level of aeration compared to typical solid pots
  • Much harder to over-water than regular containers
  • Keeps your grow room much cleaner (no holes in the bottom for substrates to drop out)
  • An extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution
  • Selected for their quality – won't tear like cheaper alternatives
  • Last for years; can be re-used many times
  • Easier to transport and store than typical containers


20cm Saucer


  • These plant pot saucers easily catch run-off from your pots
  • Strong and durable construction at a great price
  • High sides with a lip to catch lots of run-off
  • Prevents plants from leaving a mess when watering
  • Raised ridges on the bottom to allow run-off to flow out freely from your pot
  • Re-useable many times
  • Ideal with traditional Round Pots or Superoots Air-Pruning Pots
  • Available in a range of sizes - choose the ideal saucer to fit your pot and garden space
  • Can also be used around the home - looks good in a bathroom or kitchen window

Air Pruner Fabric Pots 2L + 20cm Saucer

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