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We’d like to take some time and go over the light kits we’ve selected for our growboxes. We’ve chosen these after careful testing of several kits in the market, so that you don’t have to. We have though, tried to give you some choices in function.

SGL Controller.JPG

Super Green Labs

Our friends over in Spain have created a DIY kit for growers to create their very own growbox, we invite you to visit their page here for more details or if you’d fancy the challenge of creating your own. When choosing this system growers also gain access to an invaluable community stretching across the globe with members who are always willing to help other growers and their plants thrive.

With a controller unit that connects to your phone via Wi-Fi, and a sleek app to monitor and tune most aspects of the growbox, it gives the grower a world of options at their fingertips. An easy setup, linking with almost any smart phone or iPhone, ensures it’s up and running in just a couple of minutes. 


The controller connects onto up to 6 LED panels, although this can be extended significantly with adapters, each panel providing up to 3960lm while drawing only 18watts. It also feeds and controls fans, and an a monitoring sensor for humidity, temperature , with which you can choose to trigger a series of automations, lower or increase fan speeds, or lights. It can also be paired with a camera for extra close monitoring. 


Super Green Labs is a community led effort and is always evolving, with new features coming along steadily. Most recently, it’s now possible to pair the SGL controller with most MeanWell drivers, meaning the lights on the list below can be coupled with it, for the very best of both worlds! 

Invisible Sun

Our friends here in the U.K., Invisible Sun are experts in creating horticultural LED systems for any grow size, from the tiniest growbox to professional farms. Their R&D is, we believe, second to none. With that come the most efficient and reliable lights in the market, made to excel in both vegetative and flowering/fruiting cycles, built to be over worked, without over heating.


ISH100E Evo 

The smallest in our selection, and in Invisible Sun’s range, this tiny light is a powerhouse inside our smallest boxes, click here for full stats on Invisible Sun’s website.


ISH150 V3 Evo

Maybe our favourite light ever, the 150 is just in that perfect sweet spot for efficiency, it’s giving your plants the very best possible Sun, without affecting the energy bills. The board itself barely heats up, and passive cooling means no noise. Click here to visit the original product page. 


ISH265V3 Evo

Of course there are bigger lights, way bigger, more powerful, more thirsty too! But this one just fits our bigger growboxes perfectly, as if one was certainly created for the other. It’s as powerful as we recommend anyone going in a growbox, 260watts of light spectrum perfection! Click here to visit their product page.

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