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Growspaces and Airflow

Air & Plant Health

Healthy plants need more than just feed and light, they also need fresh air to work with, so knowing how much air your grow needs to have renovated over time is very important. 

The rule of thumb is that the plant's air should be renovated once every three minutes. So for a 1 cubic meter space, you'd need to ensure that much air is pushed out of the box to allow for new air to come in - every 3 minutes, so 20 cubic meters per hour. This is the bare minimum of course, and we also have to take temperature into consideration.

Calculating how much air you need to cool your room is more complicated, but it is also less and less important. Thanks to technological developments in LED lighting, we have abandoned the heat-prone HPS and Metal Halide lamps used before in horticulture, that often needed fully dedicated cooling solutions. And with more and more LED brands offering the option of separating the power supply from the Light fixture, keeping it outside the growing spaces, heat concerns should be a thing of the past.

You can click here for a very practical air flow calculator from Can Filters, which includes light wattage to help with heat calculations.

Our choices

While designing growboxes and accessories, my priority has always been to keep the system as quiet as possible, so fan choice was always the starting point. I turned my attention to high quality PC fans because it is an industry with several decades of technological achievements in airflow and extreme noise reduction. Through research, and some trial and error, I found a selection of fans that cater to the needs of healthy grow spaces, with almost zero noise. 

Noctua fans are a benchmark in the PC industry for reliability and silence, a title sometimes shared with Bequiet. These are fans capable of reaching 100 CMH without producing as much as 20 db worth of noise, and we've adapted them to both growboxes and tents alike, all to make sure your growbox or tent doesn't disrupt the zen of your home. 

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